Tuesday, September 14, 2004

WMD vs. Forged Docs

National Review's The Corner has an interesting analogy. Posts Jonah Goldberg:

WMDs V. FORGED DOCS [Jonah Goldberg]

A reader takes my comparison of Bush's stance on WMDs to Rather's on the memos even further:

Imagine this press conference: GW Bush: "We found WMD in Iraq. All of our critics have been completely discredited" Media: Can we see them? GW - No. you'll just have to take my word for it. We have experts to prove their authenticity. Media: Can we talk to the experts? Can we interview the people who found the weapons? Gw: NO. And the mere fact that you are asking these questions proves that you are partisan rumor mongers. End of story. case closed.
Very true.

However, in all fairness, you could turn this argument around. People trying to stick this to Dan Rather could be confronted with an argument that he 'based his report on faulty intelligence', and walk away. Hmm?