Thursday, September 16, 2004

UPDATE: El Pais Ad Schandal

Some more developments on the scandal brewing (hey, it's my first scandal here) surrounding the utterly detestable use of 9/11 imagery in an online ad for Spanish newspaper El Pais.

After initial denials, claiming it was a hoax etc., El Pais now seems (though I have not seen any statement by them, email or otherwise) to neither deny nor confirm that the ad eminated from them.

The online marketing company (we call those Spammers) Canalmail however, has supposedly confirmed that they have mailed out the ads.

Barcepundit has checked it all out, and has more indepth information:

Canalmail has confirmed that it is a genuine campaing for El Pais. The newspaper still hasn't made public its statement about this issue, but these sources say that after flatly denying the veracity of the advertisement, now they "do not deny nor confirm". Like I said, this is more and more Rathergate-ish by the day.

Go Barcepundit! Just get us some tangible stuff, ie Canalmail corroboration, the El Pais denial nor confirmation. Then we need to move for an apology (hehe, again through spam) to all receivers of the insulting email.