Wednesday, September 15, 2004

UPDATE: Barcelona Terror Raids

Just reading on the El Mundo site (in Spanish), that during house searches today in Barcelona they found literature related to Osama Bin Laden, other religious materials, video tapes which they have not studied yet, false identity papers and large amounts of other documents.

However, police is adamant in downplaying the whole matter, now even referring to the ten arrested Pakistanis as "organized delinquency" --which would be to laugh at were it not that serious. They persist in conveying the message that this was not, repeat not an Al Qaeda cell, instead calling them organized delinquents who they are investigating for their possible support of 'radical' groups outside of Spain.

Spain, take note. Terrorists are now 'delinquents' or 'radicals' but definitely NOT Al Qaeda.

God forbid to think that Spain was an actual target. And meanwhile, Spain is setting itself up for another attack:

Meanwhile, yesterday I saw that Minister of Retreat Defense, José Bono explain on TeleMadrid that the troops currently being deployed in Afghanistan will only use a minimum of force to protect their own troops, and nothing else. Gee, I thought they were protecting the Afghan people, ensuring they could vote in peace? Also, Bono reiterated again that come what may, no later than 90 days after the deployment has been finalized, the troops will come home.

Look for a new attack, on Spanish troops in Afghanistan or in Spain, some ten, fifteen days before that date. In which case Bono would either have to reverse himself and stay and deploy more, or stay with the 'consistency' argument his government has used for the Iraq retreat as well (an 'election promise', unrelated to the Madrid attacks) and retreat, again, allowing yet another victory to the terrorists.

So inviting terrorism on the one hand, while denying to the public that there is terrorist activity going on. What kind of a government is that?