Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Syrian Chem Weapons In Darfur: Translation WELT Article

Below is my translation of the original article, as it appeared today in Die Welt newspaper:

Intelligence Agencies: Thousands Offered

by Jacques Schuster

Berlin - In June of this year, Syrian special forces used chemical weapons against the people of Darfur. This action, which killed thousands of people, was in concordance with the Sudan government. This conclusion is drawn by western intelligence agencies. They were supported by eye witness accounts, which came out through various Arab media.

According to documents of western intelligence agencies, in posession by WELT, Syrian officers met with representatives of the Sudanese army in a Khartoum suburb in May of this year. During the meetings they dealt with the question how to expand military cooperation. According to intelligence reports, the Syrian delegation offered a closer cooperation in the field of chemical warfare. With that, according to the sources, it was suggested to test the effects of chemical agents on the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA). Because Khartoum was in the middle of peace negotiations with the rebels in May, the Sudanese delegation suggested to test in on the native African population. Upon which at least five airplanes from Syrian Arab Airlines flew from Damascus to Khartoum, with specialists on board from the Syrian institute for chemical warfare, along with technical equipment.

Exactly when the deployment started in Darfur, cannot be said with certainty. In any case, Sudanese eye witnesses give their account of strange going-ons in the Khartoum Al-Fashr hospital, in an article on the Arab website "Ilaf" from August 2. In June, out of nowhere thousandsof frozen bodies were brought to the hospital. They noted the strange wounds all over the bodies. A little while later, Sudanese soldiers supposedly closed off one of the wings in the building. Believing the witnesses, access afterwards was limited to an unknown team of Syrian doctors. Days after, Sudanes workers had disposed of the bodies.

For some time now, military experts have information on a Sudanes-Syrian joint effort in the field of chemical weapon research. Also, again and again reports from Syrian dissidents would come out, which would speak of the use of chemical weapons on prisoners.

Article published on Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Astonishing. If this pans out, then the Syrians are planning for more, because this will invite an attack on the country.