Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Spain's Investigation Into March 11 Attacks

I've kept from posting on the parliamentary investigation into the March 11 attacks in Madrid, mostly out of frustration. In all my life, I have never seen such blatant politicizing of something so important to the safety of a nation. To the point, where posting on it would inevitably turn into ranting, raving, and subsequently being disqualified.

But, it's important to remind people of where we stand, so many thanks to Franco Alemán at Barcepundit, who brings this good update on the proceedings here in Madrid. This comes a day after the investigative committee decided to continue investigating, having toyed with the idea to just call it quits and denounce the previous government (you think that sounds a bit strange, wait till you read the whole article). To wet your appetite:

Trouble is that the current government doesn't have much incentive to investigate, and are not too interested in having more people testify at the commision; besides of what I wrote above, it keeps the March 11 alive reminding people that their victory is somewhat linked to the slain of 200 innocent Spaniards.

Which means we may never know the truth.
Paramount in this whole politicized mess is that the Spanish people are being bereft of a sense of a state of urgency to combat terrorism and Al Qaeda in particular, simply because it doesn't comply with the Socialists view of the world. On top of that, preparing for another attack (which I still believe will come) just adds fuel to the thought, like Alemán says, that the Spanish people made a mistake in voting in the Socialists after Al Qaeda struck them.

And meanwhile, Al Qaeda is plotting, and Zapatero put his action plan on terrorism with Arafat-loving foreign minister Moratinos.