Monday, September 06, 2004

Spain Will Have A Plan Soon!

Well, that is to say, socialist Prime Minister Zapatero asked his Foreign Minister, Miguel Ángel Moratinos (whom we all know as a big fan of Arafat), who bestowed it upon his own senior diplomats to come up with a plan to fight terrorism.

A fight which must encompass a social, cultural and an economic dimension, according to Moratinos (link in Spanish). So not a real fight, but more money for dictators, and understanding for their precious 'root causes'.

Señaló, en relación al terrorismo internacional, que "nos encontramos ante un fenómeno complejo y peligroso con dimensiones múltiples, tanto en el plano de la seguridad como de la política interior y exterior", por eso, puntualizó, ha pedido a los responsables de esta materia de su Ministerio la elaboración de un plan.

Moratinos reiteró la importancia de tener un mayor conocimiento sobre el mundo islámico y adelantó que uno de los objetivos del "plan general de lucha contra el terrorismo internacional es que en nuestra política se construya una alianza estratégica" con los países musulmanes.

He remarked, in relation to international terrorism, that "we find ourselves confronting a complex and dangerous phenomenon with multiple dimensions, both in the area of security, as in the field of internal and external politics". Which is why, he stated, he asked the responsible civil servants in his department to come up with a plan.

Moratinos reiterated the importance of having a better understanding of the muslim world and further stated that one of the objectives of the "plan for the fight against international terrorism will be to form strategic alliances" with Islamic countries.
Of course, a very good plan exists already, President Bush's Greater Middle East Initiative, which includes all the nations Moratinos is anxious to snuggle up to. In his soft-biggoted worldview of low expectations, Arabs should be treated as, well Arabs. As long as stories about torture and corruption in their countries don't end up in our newspapers too often, Moratinos will be happy to keep sending money and teach Spaniards about Islam, that Religion of Peace. Nothing new.

It's curious (but then again, I'm not Spanish) to see a government so reluctantly treat a direct attack against its people, which the current government still treats as an attack against the former government. To leave the fight against Islamic terror with Moratinos and his diplomats will ensure a continuation of failed policies, and an extended invitation for more terrorist attacks, here or elsewhere.