Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Some Thoughts On The Beslan Massacre

A quick post on the aftermath of the Al Qaeda terrorist attacks (there, I just had to say it, since no one in the regular press in Spain -like elsewhere- seems to want to call it that) on two Russian airliners, the Moscow subway and the horrible massacre of Children (children!) in Beslan, North Osetia.

It's a personal observation more than anything, something that's been bugging me all morning. The news on tv (both the public TVE and TeleMadrid as well as the commercial Antena3 and Tele Cinco) showed vigils at the Russian embassy in Washington, DC, a candle-lit march in Rome and other outpoors of respect around Europe, like the lowering of the flags at the EU Council of Ministers yesterday.

And Spain? Madrid? Surely, a European capital hit by Al Qaeda on March 11 of this year will be among the first to take to the streets? To overwhelm the condoleance register at the Russian embassy?

Nothing. Not a thing. No march. No images of flowers laid at the embassy. No line-ups to sign a condoleance register.

It scares me, honestly. If some can say that the US has over-reacted (though I fail to see how, talk to me when Pyong Yang has been turned into a parking lot), then surely Spain is suffering from a severe case of denial, not willing or able to cope with the attacks on its soil, directed at its people.

Okay, I really needed to get this off my chest. Maybe some Spanish reader can explain me (comments!). This is not a jab at 'those cowardly Spanish', I think my writing on the subject proves otherwise. I'm just, sincerely, not understanding.