Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Say What?

BBC reporter Steve Eke manages to put this line into a piece on Russia's reaction to the Beslan massacre:

Russians have rarely been blessed with leaders who valued the opinion of the man in the street. Despite the Soviet-style demonstration and articles on the "heroic" special forces, not one senior official in Moscow, from the president down, has said sorry to the parents of Beslan.

But the tough talk goes down well with ordinary Russians. They are deeply upset and disturbed by the massacre in North Ossetia. They distrust their own government. But many are also furious at what they say is the West's refusal to believe Russia when it comes to questions of international terrorism.
Come again? Apologies? And he continues to be surprised that Russians seemingly agree with President Putin when it comes to how to deal with these animals. To close with a note on the furor Russians feel when it comes to the West's treatment of Russia's terrorist enemies.

Reported by the BBC, the world's largest news organization, which consistently uses the word 'rebels' to describe these terrorists. How far can you have your head up your own backside?