Friday, September 24, 2004

PayPal Doesn't Get It

Last post for the day, if you use Paypal, either to send or to receive payments, this is for you. Go over to Daily Pundit and read the mail they got regarding PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy, and shutting down his account.

To appeal the limitation on your account, you will need to:

1. Remove those items from your website that violate PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy. For example, any link to images or videos of terrorsit executions; and
Daily Pundit is a blog, of course, and links to news stories, like any other blog would do. News stories like terrorists beheading foreigners in Iraq, and yes, the footage too. What, pictures and videos of Abu Ghraib are allowed, but not beheadings by terrorists? Who are PayPal to decide what is acceptable and what isn't?

I understand the AUP, I just think they applied it wrongly in this case.

I mailed PayPal from their site (they do not have an email address, although you may try or, and I would tell other bloggers using PayPal (for whatever reason) to do the same.