Thursday, September 09, 2004

Pak Air Force Bombs Al Qaeda Camp

From the Pakistani news site The News comes this report (you may have to scroll down as there is no separate link):

80 dead in S. Waziristan bombardment
(Updated at 2005 PST)
WANA: Eighty people were killed in Khonkhela in South Waziristan by a guided missile strike and bombardment by the Pakistan Air Force fighter planes.

Major General Shuakat Sultan has confirmed the death of fifty people.

In Khonkhela in the Mahsood tribe territory of Sararogha a gathering of foreigners also attended by the local people was hit by a missile killing several people, while many others were injured in the incident, correspondent of Geo Shaukat Khattak reported on Thursday.

Pak Air Force bombers also strike the area killing several people. About 80 people including local and foreign nationals were killed by missile strike and bombardment majority of them was foreigners.

Surveillance planes had flicked through the area before the bombardment, local sources said.

ISPR Chief Maj. General Shaukat Sultan told Geo that security forces targeted foreign terrorist training camps in Dela Khonkhela in 25 kilometer northeast of Wana and destroyed it.

“There were confirmed reports of presence of foreign suspects including Uzbek, Chechen and few Arabs in the area and were training foreign terrorists”, he said.

The people getting training from the area were involved in sabotage and terrorism acts in various parts of the country, he further said.

The operation was continued for about two hours in the area and security forces destroyed the target successfully, Shaukat Sultan added.
I don't know, but I've never heard of an air raid successfully taking out a terrorist camp and all the terrorists present. We'll see how this develops.