Thursday, September 23, 2004

No, I'm Just Browsing...

In between things, a quick look into my trusty RSS feed reader tells me that Jayson Blair is rooting for Dan Rather. Quote: "I’d give up the book royalties if I could get my credibility and career back." Jayson, unlike Dan Rather, you never had any credibility to lose.

Andrew McCarthy at National Review has some thoughts on Kerry's Iraq end strategy, and a reminder that we are not at war with 'terrorism', but with militant Islam. An undefinable enemy makes it easy for detractors to question if President Bush hasn't lost sight, he writes. He also points out (like so many before him) how Iraq ties into this war on militant Islam.

Dhimmi Watch reports on 'Europe's Chief Dhimmi', Spain's Zapatero. Though our post is better I think, he usually gets really good commentaries in the comments section at the end...

A post I definitely want to mention is Belmont's thoughts on the Human Security Doctrine For Europe, The EU's response on the Bush Doctrine. Al Qaeda chiefs must be wetting themselves reading this utterly preposterous document. The comments section is also laden with arguments on how this is nothing but a 'not American' policy document which, if indeed leads to the formation of a Human Security Force (with civil servants!), will never ever get to a war zone. Ever. Which is precisely what they intended in the first place, I suppose.

Chrenkoff has a good post on the UN's Security Council, and the objections that new prospective members are causing among the current members and others. Japan, Germany, India and Brazil are all hoping to be included. Kofi Anan must be hoping that all UN members can join, so he can finally pass one of those anti-Israeli resolutions piling on his desk. Personally, I think this will only speed up the UN's desintegration. Maybe the Human Security Force can take over the humanitarian work afterwards.

A good initiative: If you're Spanish, or live in Spain, go over to, where they're campaigning against Spain's government appeasing foreign policies, calling on other nations to follow Spain's lead and pull out of Iraq, while at the same time terrorist scum beheading innocents are demanding the same thing. You can sign a petition, aptly called 'Not In My Name!' distancing yourself from the Spanish government's actions while thanking the 17 countries with troops in Iraq. The petition will be sent to their embassies in Spain.

MERIA, the Middle Eastern Review of International Affairs, has its September issue out, and includes this article on Israel's experience with living under a WMD threat, and the lessons for Europe. Read it, I may come back on this at another time.

The Belgravia Dispatch (which, among blog names, ranks among the best in my book) also caught up with Zapatero's mini-summit in Madrid last week, on which we posted here. He ties it with Europe's reluctancy to pay on the debt owned to the United States for saving their Euro-butts time after time during the last 90 years, to close with a thought on the "states have no friends, they have interests" meme. Which goes both ways. Looking at Spain, my take is to close all bases here, especially the naval base at Rota. Replace it with one or two similar, but preferably smaller naval bases, one in Tunesia or Algeria and one in Morocco, in its Western Sahara territory.

Then, the Journal of ChuckB (Public Librarian #1, I imagine) has a doom-and-gloom post on Europe's economic prospects, and asks why the US would possibly want to look more like Europe. Why indeed?

Finally, some quickies (always good for the trackback visitors, hehe): Michelle Malkin tells us how to win a behind-the-scenes tour at CBS' 60 Minutes, the Eleven Day Empire hosts this week's Carnival of the Vanities, Outside the Beltway reports on constitutional gerrymandering in Colorado, and carries the Traffic Jam as always.

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