Thursday, September 09, 2004

New Blog: The Diplomad

I recently stumbled upon The Diplomad, blogged by a Republican US diplomat, so kind of a rare species. I noticed the time difference on his blog, he must have been shipped off to some far corner in the world for it!

Anyway, he posted some thoughts on terror and Islam, and in the second part, he hit the nail on the head with two observations:

With all due respect to those arguing on behalf of the tolerant and peaceful nature of Islam, much of the debate reminds of us of those late-night sessions in university arguing whether or not the Soviet Union was truly socialist or communist. We always had the Karl Marx expert who could cite ol' Karl's teachings and "prove" to us that the Soviets were violating them and that Marx, in fact, had a truly wonderful vision for mankind -- the problem apparently being that those pesky humans just didn't cooperate with the vision.
That is so right. In fact, I still hear that crap about the Soviet Union not being Truly Socialist. Then, further down in the comments, he responds to a reader with this gem:
Just as not all Germans and Austrians were Nazis, certainly not all Muslims are terrorists -- as we stated. In Germany and Austria, however, the "good" people didn't assert themselves until the Nazis had led their countries into total disaster, including a prolonged military occupation by the Allies. So it appears with the Muslim world, which is why we argue that the crazies have to suffer a series of repeated and sharp defeats that will make it clear to the "good" Muslims that it's time to rethink and redo their societies and attitude towards the outside world.
Go on, pay him a visit!