Friday, September 24, 2004

Movie Tips To Impress Your Left-Wing Wacko Girlfriend

I'm sure this beauty will be all over self-respecting and America-loathing film houses in Spain shortly: The Take, by Avi Lewis and "the poster girl of brainless anti-global left and the global village idiot", Naomi Klein. 'The Take' is set in Argentina, and examines the grass-roots cooperative movement in financially devastated Argentina, raises basic questions about economics, government and human nature. reports on how at the New York Times, Stephen Holden apparently does not see Marxism as a bad thing:

After a one-sided look at Argentina's post-privatization woes, Holden concludes with a warning that Marxist gains may not last forever and that individualistic greed could always resurface. Yet Holden holds out hope about "humanity" (seemingly identified here as acceptance of neo-Marxist dogma): "Even given the rosiest financial scenario, at what point do the old ways resurface and brute self-interest and corruption kick in? After watching the film, your outlook will depend on the degree of your belief in humanity and your familiarity with history. Whatever happens, the movement still faces an uphill battle."
The review can be found here (registration required). Spanish readers need not read it, as the Spanish press will write even more 'passionate' reviews, I'm sure. I'll make a mental note to translate one to prove it.