Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Madman Claims Peace Prize

I really don't want to waste any more words on the Mad Dog of the Mideast, Muamur Khadafi, but his ambassador to Uganda suggested to award him with the Nobel Peace Prize:

The Libyan ambassador has said the next Noble Peace Prize should go to Col. Muamar Gadaffi for his decision to dismantle the country's nuclear programme and weapons of mass destruction.

Libyan ambassador A. Bujeldain said Libya was the first country in the world to abandon a nuclear weapons programme on her own without external pressure.

The envoy was speaking at the 35th anniversary of the Great Al Fatah Revolution at his residence in Nakasero on Wednesday.
The article doesn't state if the speech was made before or after dinner, and if there was a lot of alcohol served.

And please, no comments on how Muslims don't drink, it would just ruin a perfectly good punch line!