Friday, September 10, 2004

Kerry: We'll Share The Burden - Spain: Everybody Out

In the week when Senator John Kerry promises a more 'intelligent' War on Islamist Terror, and would get other nations to join him and share the burden in Iraq more equally, Diana Kerry, John Kerry's sister, was in Madrid, Spain, rallying support for her brother's faltering campaign among Americans living overseas. Diana Kerry heads AOK, or Americans Overseas for Kerry-Edwards, and as such gets to smirk about how the whole world would vote for Kerry, if given the chance. Here's what she had to say in Madrid about Spanish-American relations under a Kerry administration:


Diana Kerry, la directora y fundadora del movimiento ciudadano Americans Overseas for Kerry (OAK) y hermana del candidato demócrata en las presidenciales de noviembre en Estados Unidos, John Kerry, aseguró hoy en Madrid que, si su hermano gana las elecciones, mejorarán las relaciones con España en un "marco global".

Estas declaraciones fueron realizadas por la hermana de Kerry en el contexto de una gira por más de cien ciudades del mundo con el objetivo de movilizar al electorado demócrata y hacerle ver que "cada voto cuenta". De hecho, esta intensa actividad en el extranjero tiene como objetivo animar a cientos de miles de estadounidenses --150.000 con derecho a voto en el caso de España-- con la premisa de que más de la mitad de ellos prefiere la opción demócrata.

Antes de dirigirse a un grupo de seguidores, Diana Kerry dio una breve rueda de prensa en la que dijo "esperar que las relaciones con España mejoren en el marco global en el que espera que mejoren las relaciones bilaterales con otros países".

Con estas palabras, Diana Kerry hizo referencia al propósito de su hermano de hacer de Estados Unidos un país "más seguro y fuerte en casa y más respetado en el mundo". En este sentido, será necesario "hacer todo lo posible para restablecer la credibilidad que tenía en la comunidad internacional y restablecer las relaciones con los aliados", aseguró después de destacar la necesidad de "regresar a la comunidad de naciones".

Diana Kerry, the director and founder of the organization Americans Overseas for Kerry (AOK) and sister of the Democrat candidate in the presidential elections in the United States in November, John Kerry, today in Madrid assured that, if her brother wins the elections, the relations with Spain were to improve within a "global setting".

These statements were made by Kerry's sister as part of her tour of over one hundred cities in the world, with the goal of mobilizing the Democratic electorate, and make them see that "every vote counts". In fact, this intense activity abroad has the goal to rally support among the thousands of Americans --150,000 eligible voters in the case of Spain-- based on the premise that more than half of them would prefer the Democratic option.

Before addressing a group of followers, Diana Kerry gave a brief press conference in which she said that she "expects that the relationship with Spain improves within an international framework in which bilateral relations with other nations are expected to improve, too".

With these words, Diana Kerry made reference to her brother's proposal to make the United States "safer and stronger at home and more respected in the world". In this sense, it would be necessary to "do everything possible to re-establish the credibility it had in the international community and re-establish relations with the allies", she affirmed after emphasizing the need to "return to the community of nations".
The quotes attributed to her, and my translation of them, should not be used to 'quote' her. I've seen Spanish reporters fumble --fairly simple-- English before.

In any case, John Kerry promises us to rally support to share the burden more equally in Iraq, and her sister insists that relations with Spain would improve considerably, once Senator Kerry would get elected.

And what does Spain's Socialist government think of all this? Yesterday, Prime Minister Rodriguez Zapatero spoke in Tunis, Tunisia, at a press conference, and made the following statements (translation mine):
TUNIS. The president of the government took another step yesterday in his distancing from the United States' positions regarding Iraq, calling for countries which still have troops in the Arab country to follow Spain's example. From Tunis, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero assured that if more countries would pull out of Iraq, "there would be more favorable prospects".


Later, though expressing his respect for the decision of other countries which continue their presence, later emphasized privately by the Foreign Minister, Miguel Ángel Moratinos, he did not hesitate in reaffirming that "if more decisions would be taken in line with the Spanish government, there would be more favorable prospects". Together with the United States, counties like Australia, Japan and South Korea, have troops in Iraq, along with various European countries, like Italy, the United Kingdom, Poland and Denmark, who did not view well the Spanish retreat of its troops.
So, summarizing:
  • Kerry promises to take the whole world on board more or less, to share the burden in Iraq
  • His sister thinks that relations with Spain would improve considerably
  • Spain's government calls upon the rest of the world to follow Spain's lead, and pull out of Iraq.
Kerry is a big douchebag for thinking that the world, with all its 'support' for a Kerry presidency, would actually join in and fight the good fight alongside a Democratic White House. To me, it just proves he a) does not understand 'the World', or b) is willfully lying about garnering (more) international support for the Iraqi reconstruction effort which will not materialize, or c) is preparing to pull out US troops, in accordance with 'global public opinion'.