Wednesday, September 29, 2004

France's Foot In Baghdad's Door (Part II)

Little Green Footballs points to an International Herald Tribune article on a proposed international conference on Iraq:

France said Monday that it would take part in a proposed international conference on Iraq only if the agenda included a possible U.S. troop withdrawal, thus complicating the planning for a meeting that has drawn mixed reactions.

Paris also wants representatives of Iraq's insurgent groups to be invited to a conference in October or November, a call that would seem difficult for the Bush administration to accept.
We've posted on France's possible Quid Pro Quo deal with Iraqi hostage takers holding two French journalists before. As news on the whereabouts or status of the journalists remain blurry (dead, being sold from group to group, working for Al Jazeerah), it may well be the case that their hostage takers have asked the French government of some proof of their abilities to influence the Iraqi process, and obtain a role for the terrorists.

Very sickening. My first thought was, what would Kerry think of all this? He has been to Paris before to meet with the enemy. Poor Kerry, history is catching up with him fast.

UPDATE: I started writing this post yesterday, and meanwhile the good news about the release of Italian hostages has been replaced by worries about a possible ransom having been paid. This spells more trouble for foreigners in Iraq.