Thursday, September 09, 2004

El-Para Still In Hands Of MDJT

Algeria's Liberte interviews Patrick Forestier, a reporter for Paris Match (both links are in French, Paris Match' site is Flash, look for 'L'actualite' and then under 'autre' for 'Le Ben Laden du Sahel'), who went to Chad to meet with Al Qaeda-linked GSPC leader Abderrezak, also known as El Para, who is currently being held captive by Chadian rebel group MDJT, pending negotiations with both Algerian and German authorities for his handover. Apparently Libya's threats to bomb the rebels if they would not hand him over to them failed to materialize until now, something which led me to think something fishy was going on with Mad Dog Khadafi's intent to getting his hands on him before anybody else.

My French is lousy (as it should be, I suppose), but wanted to spread the word fast. Meanwhile I'll translate parts and publish in an update.