Wednesday, September 15, 2004

'El Pais' Ad Trashes Memory Of 9/11

Thanks to BarcaBlog and Barcepundit, Arcadi Espada brings us this piece of filth in the form of an ad for the online version of El Pais:

"You can do a lot in one single day; just imagine what can happen in three months"

I honestly do not know what to say anymore. How low can they possibly go? As Barcapundit explains, El Pais is part of a publisher called Grupo Prisa:
This is an email advertisement for the online version of El Pais, Spain's main newspaper which belongs to the PRISA group, the pro-Socialist media organization that, together with its sister SER radio network, was behind the agit-prop campaign after the March 11 bombings.
UPDATE 09/16/04: It appears that El Pais first said is was a fake advertisement, to later reverse themselves, saying they do not confirm nor deny that the ad eminated from them. Looks like they're cowards, on top of being insensitive jerks. Meanwhile, Allah Pundit and You, Bitch come up with creative ads of their own, using images of the March 11 attacks instead.

UPDATE II: If anyone wants to let El Pais know what they think of this, or their parent company Grupo Prisa, then here's some useful info for you:
UPDATE III: Advertising and media blog Adrants agrees.

UPDATE IV: Barcepundit is refuting El Pais' claim that the ad is a hoax. I've tried it, and I'd say he's right. Now how to keep the pressure up on El Pais and have them release a statement? Other newspapers? Grupo Prisa?

UPDATE V 09/17/04: I have deleted Grupo Prisa and El Pais contact details, as El Pais and Grupo Prisa have issued an apology in their print and online versions of the newspaper, thanks to all readers who complained.