Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Does Russia Have Blogs?

Going over to ITAR-TASS, the former Soviet Press Agency, to look for some last minute info on the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Beslan, I come across this gem:

Ship with heaps of toxic stuff aboard sank near Turkish coast

ANKARA, September 7 (Itar-Tass) - A ship with 2,200 tons of toxic stuff on board sank in the Iskenderun Bay off the Turkish coast on Monday.

The freight ship carrying the waste from a Spanish thermal power plant was sent from Spain to Algeria more than four years ago, AA news agency said. The stuff on board might have been used for the construction of a dike in Algeria. However, the Algerian authorities refused to accept the cargo after a chemical test of the stuff was made. On February 25, 2000 the hazardous cargo arrived in the Iskenderun Bay. For four years since the ship had been lying out at sea, exposed to corrosion until the ship gave leaks and finally sank.
Guess ITAR-TASS doesn't have heaps of blogs ensuring accurate reporting!

Oh and thanks, Spain. Be interesting to see if this hits the news, after all the outrage (outrage!) about the oil tanker Prestige sinking of the northern coast of Spain. Let's see if they will accept the bill for the clean-up, although the Socialist government will probably try and distance itself from yet another disaster caused by the previous government.

I guess Socialists haven't really learned to look forward.