Thursday, September 09, 2004

Dhimmitude In Spanish Prison

Spanish Newspaper El Mundo reports on the Topas prison in Salamanca, where Muslim prisoners have taken over the library and converted it into a mosque, barring entrance to any non-Muslim (translation mine):

Madrid.- A group of 110 Muslim inmates are imposing their rule in the Topas correctional facility (Salamanca), where they have turned the library into a mosque, to which no other inmate who doesn't profess their religion is given access, El Mundo has learned.

Five times a day, the muezzin calls for prayer over loudspeakers, which provokes continuous complaints of the rest of the Spanish inmates, because it wakes them up before midnight and at six AM, prison staff informed this newspaper.

The confrontations between this core of Islamist inmates and the rest of the inmates have gotten worse, to the point where the authorities have found themselves compelled to physically separate the inmates into separate parts of the prison. The group is forcefully pressuring other Moroccan inmates, who end up praying though they're not practicing Muslims.

Moreover, this group is causing problems for female medical staff, or ATS, to enter the section of the prison. "On entering the section, it's like you cross the border into another country. We're saying that we're going to need carrying Maghreb passports. The section is theirs. The prison authorities aren't left with any means except to accept it, because we've had big problems with the Arabs. This prison is a powder keg", one of the prison staff said.

Last year the prison staff sent a letter denouncing the situation to the Directorate-General of Penitentiary Institutes, which back then was headed by Angel Yuste.

However, their complaints have been in vain, since no steps have been taken to stop the situation. The staff criticize the prison's overcrowdedness --which counts 1,512 inmates, of which 806 are foreigners, or 53% of the total-- and call for a spreading of these inmates over other prisons, with the aim to stop them from organizing.
This is insane, of course. How long before the first attack by a terror cell who has been trained entirely in prison?