Thursday, September 09, 2004

Chechen Terrorists Put Price On Putin

In response to Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to offer a US$ 10 million reward for the heads of Shamil Basayev and Aslan Maskhadov, the terrorists have responded by offering a US$ 20 million reward for whomever aids in the arrest of 'war criminal' Vladimir Putin, reports Dutch press agency ANP, who like many other major media in Europe insists on calling them 'rebels' (thanks to W):

Chechen rebels put price on head Putin

Thusrsday 9 September 2004

Moscow (ANP) -- Chechen insurgents Thursday offered a reward for the capture of Russian president Putin. The reward comes a day after Moscow put a price on the heads of resistance leaders Aslan Maskhadov and Shamil Basayev.

"We offer a reward of US$ 20 million (almost 16,9 million Euros) to countries, organizations or individuals who will assist the Chechen Republic actively in the arrest of war criminal Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin", stated one of the insurgents' websites. The Anti-Terror Center of the Chechen Republic, part of Maskadov's unrecognized government, signed the message.

Just last Wednesday Moscow offered a reward of US$10 million for information which leads to the arrest of Checen rebel leaders Maskhadov and Basayev. A close associate of Mashkadov called the price on the head of his boss a "sick attempt to imitate the US and the West".
Note that the original report (left in the translation) does not use scare quotes around "government" when mentioning the terrorist group's institutions.