Monday, September 27, 2004

CEO Blogs

Hmm, don't know what to make of this. has a listing (actually, it's a Wiki, but for some reason I cannot rationally explain, I hate that word. Brings up images of lefties sitting on the floor of some run-down building, sharing stuff) of CEOs blogging, next to their daily CEO activities. Among the more famous CEOs or famous companies represented, there's Tucows' Eliot Noss, Dallas Mavericks owner Marc Cuban, the FCC's Michael Powell (although apparently some doubt that it is a blog), VOIP guru Jeff Pulver and Sun Sytems COO Jonathan Schwartz.

For some reason there's a huge list of French CEOs, all blogging. Guess their economy is doing so great, they have lots of time left to blog. Or maybe the trade unions run the companies there, who knows.

The fact that it is listed at some PR organization, strenghtens my belief in the 'sincerity' or maybe even personalness of some of these blogs. I can imagine that at least for publicly traded companies, the posts would need to be revised, or edited. Or maybe its just an instrument to talk up the stock price. Anyhow, anyone blogging as a CEO would be worth reading with extra scepsis.