Monday, September 06, 2004

Blogger Problems

I'm trying to 'sex up' the ol' blog here, and with mixed results. Changing the colors went fine, it's the header that's bugging me. No setting for height, it sort of 'squeezes' my background image into a preset, though unknown to me, height, which, on top of that is even smaller on the archived pages.

I think I have a workaround, by using a simple, camouflage only background pic added to the template, and inserting a .gif of the actual title into the Description field, so it will form a new layer on top of the background, and thus assuring visibility on both types of pages.

Anybody have any better ideas (my mind comes up with the weirdest, most inefficient solutions to these type of problems), drop a comment or mail me.

UPDATE: the workaround seems to work, so for now that's fine. Need to adjust the title though, as the transparency of the .gif I used leaves room for improvement. It also doesn't seem centered. Aaaargh!

UPDATE 2: I give up, hence the 'subtle' or 'minimalist' new header. I declare defeat before a GUI, due to a lack of understanding of CSS. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.