Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Barcelona Police Arrest 10 in Anti-Terror Raids

All major news outlets today report on a number of anti-terrorist raids being carried out by Barcelona police. It started before dawn, with searches of several houses and shops. At this moment ten confirmed arrests have been made on grounds of suspicion of ties with Islamic terror networks. Most of the arrested have the Pakistani nationality. The arrests are the result of an investigation which is not related to the March 11 attacks.

As of this moment, no explosives or arms have been discovered, although the police has confisquated documents. As this is developing, we will update as more news becomes available.

UPDATE: El Mundo (link in Spanish) has another report, and quotes Barcelona police who insist that they are dealing with "organized crime" and they are studying documents found, looking for any "support that they, at any certain moment, might have given to some small radical group outside of Spain".

How's that for downplaying? They further insist that "we are not talking about Islamic terrorism" but about "a support group for radicals outside of Spain", they emphasized. "At no moment are we talking about an Al Qaeda cell", they added.

Right. Pakistani criminals supporting 'radicals' outside of Spain. And please don't print Al Qaeda.

Yep. And Al Qaeda attacked Spain because of its presence in Iraq, if you're name is Zapatero.

In my opinion the government is playing with fire here, giving the 'All Clear' in public, insisting that the threat is over, while secretively hunting for terrorist cells. Without the public fully aware of the presence of more cells, entailing a clear and present threat, they are guilty of sacrificing the public at a next attack in case they fail to prevent it.