Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Algerian Army Strikes GSPC hideouts

UPI reports:

The Algerian daily al-Khabar quoted security sources as saying soldiers carrying out a combing operation in the province of Boumedras, east of Algiers, clashed with Muslim militants Monday, killing three.

The operation was in response to a major attack perpetrated by 30 gunmen from Algeria's most feared extremist group, the Salafi Grouping for Daawa and Fighting, 10 days ago in Boumedras in which five troops and two army intelligence officers were killed.

In another incident, the army killed a militant Sunday in the province of Ghlisan, 400 kilometers (250 miles) west of Algiers.
Must activity has taken place in the vast woods of the Boumerdes province, some 40 miles east of the capital Algiers. The Al Qaeda-linked GSPC has been on an offensive lately, recently threatening Algerians through their website to stay away from public buildings, leading to speculation on an upcoming car bombing campaign.