Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Will EU Open Eyes?

Haaretz brings this item on the EU's shock (shocked!) to learn that their Arab neighbors refused to support a General Assembly resolution condemning Anti-Semitism:

At a closed meeting held recently in New York, UN ambassadors from Arab and EU countries met and the Arabs made clear that they do not accept the initiative for the UN General Assembly to condemn anti-Semitism.

The blunt language used by the Arabs describing their opposition, and their plans to use diplomatic means to prevent the resolution from reaching a vote, shocked the Europeans, said a UN source.

According to UN sources, the Arab delegates were also critical of a UN seminar on anti-Semitism held last month. A senior Western diplomat said that among the Arabs who spoke with the Europeans was PLO observer Nasser al Kidwe, and he was particularly outspoken in his objections to a UN General Assembly resolution on anti-Semitism.

The source said Kidwe attacked the content of UN Secretary general Koffi Anan's speech to the seminar last month, particularly Annan's pride in the cancelation of the 1975 Zionism equals racism resolution. "The Europeans were depressed when they left the meeting," said the source.
Ha, that reminds me of the 1981 educational film 'The Wave' (Still shown on schools throughout Europe by the way). I can just imagine the look on all those ambassador's faces, when Kofi Annan went on stage, and pulled back the curtain...

But at the UN, the Europeans will probably just fold and put it off for another ten years, instead of standing up and be counted.