Thursday, July 29, 2004

Terrorist Arrested In Madrid

Spanish police arrested a Lebanese man late last night at his home in the Madrid district of Carabanchel, El Mundo reports (link in Spanish). The man, who has not been identified, was carrying false Portugese papers. Upon conducting a house search, police discovered two mobile phones, phone contracts, bank books, and several notebooks and documents.

Police tie him directly to the terrorist cell responsible for the March 11 attacks in Madrid, and place him at the house where the bombs were packed into backpacks, as well as in the vicinity of the Madrid appartment building that was blown up by the terrorist itself, killing all seven and one SWAT officer. He is also connected directly to several terror suspects currently in prison awaiting charges, including the Spanish mine worker who sold the dynamite.

This may turn out to be the 'missing' terrorist, whose fingerprints have been found in both vans used to transport the terrorist to the train stations, and who escaped from the scene before police stormed the appartment complex in which they were holed up. Developing.

UPDATE:El Mundo now reports that the terror suspect arrested is Semaan Gaby Eid and has Lebanese nationality (since corrected above). This brings the total of arrests made in relation to the March 11 attacks in Madrid to 19, of which 17 were arrested in Spain, and the majority of Moroccan descent.

If he's Lebanese, I would really like to know if he's Shi'a muslim, and if perhaps he has links to Hezbollah. It would disprove once more that Shi'a and Sunni 'hate' each other and would never work together.