Friday, July 09, 2004

Spanish Hard Left

Ok, it's Friday evening, end of a long week, so I'm entitled to a little e-bitching, right? Just going over all of my recent postings, wondering about the threat from Al Qaeda, the role of Spain in their Master Plan, and going over to a recently discovered blog, Hispalibertas (it's in Spanish, if you don't read Spanish, trust me, these are the good guys here!) where I picked up a posting on how the Stop The War Coalition was mixing with Islamofacsists. A theme which I saw before at Daniel, and came up in a discussion with a friend of mine.

Hard Left in Spain is embracing terrorism, islamofacsism (anti-semitism they already had in common) in truly despicable form. The image below ('Iraqi Resistance'), is taken from the Arab Cause Solidarity Committee (CSCA) website, an organization linked to the Foro Social de Madrid, in which leftwing political parties and the big trade unions also partake. The site gives an overview of the iraqi 'resistance', complete with day-by-day tallies of American dead. They have (don't these people always) a communiqué online in English too, even though it's from May 2003.

On the CSCA's main page you can find a bar chart of Americans killed during and after the liberation of Iraq, to show the 'resistance' is working hard on killing as many GIs as possible.