Friday, July 23, 2004

Spain's Socialists Interfering In US Affairs

Spain's Socialist government's obsession with tearing down anything their predecessor Aznar's government, and the intented defiling of his image specifically, reached a whole new level yesterday with left-wing radio station Cadena Ser claiming that Aznar has intended to 'buy' the US Congress Gold Medal, for his support as a staunch ally of the US in the War on Terror.

Claiming that his government used taxpayer's money to 'secure' the medal, they back up their claims by presenting an invoice from Piper Rudnick, a Washington-based lobbying firm, for work relating to developing Spain's image with the American public, normal lobbying stuff. But, in a country led by old-school Socialists who never really understood what lobbying is, being more accustomed themselves to receiving payoffs, kickbacks, or blackmail, combined with their utter disconnect in understanding American society in general and their political process in particular, their logical conclusion was that hiring a lobbying firm is tantamount to paying US Congressmen and women to vote for awarding José Maria Aznar with one of the US' highest honors open to foreigners.

Their reasoning is simple, if it pans out the way they hope, they may prevent the US Congress in awarding Aznar this medal, assuming that Congress would want to avoid being caught up in a 'scandal'. If it doesn't go that far, at least they score points in defiling Aznar's image at home, and revisioning his PP parties eight years in power.

A period by the way, marked by the complete absence of corruption schandals, so illustrative of the prior periods of Socialist rule in this very young democracy.

This latest 'scandal' follows on the heels of accusations by the Socialists that Aznar has kept back intelligence service reports relating to the March 11 bombings. Documents that every Prime Minister would receive as copies, as normal procedure, so nothing's missing. But people, especially the socialist-voting kind, seem easily convinced, and when the whole press is adding speculation etc., some truth must be in it, right?

To the outside world it must show the complete contempt the Socialist government is showing the US and its highest governing institutions, by clamoring about Aznar's purchase of the Congressional Gold Medal.

Update 07/26/2004: Iberian Notes shows how to put down stupid rumor-mongering like this.