Friday, July 02, 2004

Spain Sends More Troops To Afghanistan

No, we're not going to ask about the differences between sending troops to Afghanistan or Iraq, even though the socialist government's arguments are strikingly similar to those of the former PP government to send troops to both Afghanistan and Iraq. And neither does Al Qaeda, by the way. Careful to say it's a 'temporary' assignment, to lift their heels as soon as the ballots close in the upcoming elections, José Bono explained it all away. Like his colleague foreign minister Moratinos said:

Moratinos explicó las proposiciones españolas afirmando que "no es posible ignorar la profunda amenaza que representa Al Qaeda" y subrayó que "Afganistán necesita un mayor compromiso de la comunidad internacional", ya que hay que ayudar a este país a dotarse de "nuevas estructuras de gobierno, de nuevas fuerzas de seguridad, y relanzar su economía".

Moratinos explained the Spanish proposals, affirming that "it is impossible to ignore the profound threat that represents Al Qeada" and underlined that "Afghanistan needs a bigger committment from the international community", helping the country in fitting it with "new government structures, new security forces, and a relaunch of its economy
So where the socialists refuse to see any Al Qaeda activity in Iraq, and don't feel the slightest called upon to assist the Iraqi people in preparing for their elections, he does see Al Qaeda everywhere in Istanbul and a handful of other big cities in Afghanistan where these thousand soldiers will be holed up, more caring about their own security than that of the Afghans they'll be sent to protect. Everybody knows that Afghanistan today is where you'll probably be least likely to run into an Al Qaeda cell planning attacks. They do have lots of Taliban regrouping in the south and east of the country, but I doubt if any Spanish soldier will set foot in those provinces.