Sunday, July 25, 2004

One Hundred Days

Today marks the first one hundred days in office of Spain's Socialist government.

Today also marks one hundred days until Election Day in the United States.

One hundred days ago, a free election in Spain was marred by terrorist attacks, just three days before, and the then opposition Socialist party jumped on it with demagogic fervor, to win. People were led on by emotions and fear. A regime was changed, instigated by terrorist action, followed up by politics.

One hundred days from now, the American People will choose their President, who will have to see them through the tough road ahead in the War on Terror. Will it be George W. Bush? Will it be John F. Kerry?

An attempted attack may be in the works, it may not be. Will the American People see preparations to avert one, as prudent or politics?

And in the case of a successful attack, will the American People cower, or will they prove the world they will not allow to be tread upon? Will the next President lead his nation, or return to politics, spurred on by cognitive dissonance among terrorized voters?

From afar, freedom-loving people everywhere are silently hoping and praying. One hundred days.