Monday, July 05, 2004

Libya Exposes Al Qaeda Camp

the Bahraini Gulf Daily News writes about a report from the French weekly Le Journal du Dimanche (link unavailable), in which a source with the intelligence services of a European country claims that Libyan agents some ten days ago discovered an Al Qaeda camp on the Libyan border with Chad.

The French newspaper said that the GSPC - the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat - was recruiting actively in the Tibesti region and buying arms and vehicles with German ransom money paid for the release of tourists in the Sahara in 2003.
The GSPC has seen a lot of activity against it lately, of which we made mention in our blog. It seems however that, despite all efforts to eradicate this Algerian terrorist group, they are still operational.
"Above all, it appears that the GSPC is clearly preparing terrorist attacks in Africa, on American or European targets - including French ones - be they economic, diplomatic or tourist sites," the newspaper said.
The article then notes the downplayment of European governments of the recently repeated threat by Al Qaeda to strike Europe again if they fail to take them up on their truce offer.

Most poignantly so did the German interior ministry. Of course, the same German government that last year paid this ransom to the GSPC in the first place.

Update: Algeria's Le Matin (French) has more.