Thursday, July 15, 2004

Know Thy Enemy

An interesting post, which I first picked up over at Dhimmi Watch and reread over at Little Green Footballs. An AP report tells us that Jesus Nuñez, director of the Instituto de Estudios sobre Conflictos y Acción Humanitaria, or the unpronounceable IECAH, is blaming the Spanish former governments for not dealing with wahhabist mosques, out of fear of losing oil from the Saudis:

Spanish authorities knew for years the city's largest mosque, the Islamic Cultural Center, adhered to the Wahabi fundamentalist movement sponsored by Saudi Arabia, Islam expert Jesus Nunez told a commission investigating the March 11 bombings.

Authorities did nothing to monitor the mosque because Saudi Arabia provides Spain with oil, Nunez said.

"Until now the West in general — and Spain as part of it — closed its eyes to what Wahabism means as a rigorous doctrine that violates human rights," said Nunez, who runs a Madrid think tank called the Institute of Studies on Conflicts and Humanitarian Action.

Spanish investigators have said key suspects in the bombings that killed 190 people prayed at the mosque. The suspects included Serhane Ben Abdelmajid Fakhet, an accused ringleader who blew up himself and six other suspects April 3 as police prepared to arrest them.
I've posted on the Wahhabist M30 mosque before, even though the imam is deflecting any direct answers because 'we don't understand'.

What's interesting about Nuñez and his statements, is that the IECAH is a left-leaning organization, who have spent many a page on their website (in English, although the Spanish version holds all the articles) denouncing the US in its efforts to liberate Iraq, the way they pursue the War on Terror and generally opposing anything the US does.

When I read the comments section over at LGF, I realized that the true motivation of Nuñez was not to bash Wahhabism, but by combining it with Spain's inability to confront it at home, 'because Saudi Arabia provides Spain with oil', he instills upon the reader the idea that Spain would allow for terrorists to plot and kill on Spanish soil, because of Oil. An accusation that lacks absolutely any base, by the way.

But then, if we accept that, (and by seeing the response over at LGF it sticks because it combines some favorites of pundits everywhere: the Saudis and Spain) it's a tiny step to accept that oil might also make us... go to war?

I believe his argumentation has been crafted specifically for this purpose.