Tuesday, July 13, 2004

iPod A Security Risk Says UK Military

This is funny, the British Ministry of Defense has added the popular -but almost impossible to buy- iPod players to their list of high-tech security risks. Because of the large storage capability, combined with the ease of use USB connectivity, they fear it as a handy tool for data thieves.

"With USB devices, if you plug it straight into the computer you can bypass passwords and get right on the system," RAF Wing Commander Peter D'Ardenne told Reuters.

"That's why we had to plug that gap," he said, adding that the policy was put into effect when the MoD switched to the USB-friendly Microsoft XP operating system over the past year.
Ah, I see, we have a security concious MOD banning MP3 players, but installing Windows everywhere?

That doesn't figure?

Ha, found a nice one, this iPod player is sure to keep the Duty Officer awake at night!

Via Drudge Report.