Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Holidays Are Here

Europeans have waaaaaaay more vacation days than Americans, and Spaniards get waaaaaaay more vacation days than the rest of Europe! So when in Spain, act like the Romans? I think not!

We'll be back though, and weather, news, net access, Señora Southern Watch (ok, I stole that from Instapundit) permitting, I will THINK about posting in the mean time (my record for the past five years of staying out of sight of a computer is about three days, so I just might). From the third week on in August, all should return to normal, and you'll all be more than welcome again (please bookmark it now as the thousands of incoming links -ahem- will soon dry up) for your more than daily dose of Southern Watch!

In the mean time, and at the risk of having allusions of grandeur, if there are (semi-) serious bloggers out there who occasionally wouldn't mind doing a guest post, then let me know asap on the contact mail address in the sidebar!