Wednesday, July 28, 2004

European Social Democracy

I want to point you to an interesting intro to hopefully more posts by Nelson Ascher over at EuroPundits (why am I not listed I here you ask) on the European strain of capitalism: Social Democracy. A brief peak:

Social-democracy has been much more successful than either capitalism or communism in one thing: the manufacturing of consent. Besides, at least in theory, neither capitalism nor communism has any trust in the State. Though what he did in practice was the opposite, Lenin, according to his writings, saw the abolition of the State as something desirable. And capitalism on the other hand considers the State a kind of inevitable evil that shouldn’t be allowed to grow too much. But in the eyes of social-democratic ideologues, the state is the very materialization of what’s best in human nature and society. The communists obviously acted like that, but their utopia pointed to a kind of stateless paradise.
It has a couple of very good observations of life on the Old Continent. Definitely worth the read, and hopefully Ascher will find the time to finish it! (if after this I am still not linked to from the EuroPundits page, I will declare Spain officially Al Andalus, and join the Arab League).