Friday, July 02, 2004

Al Qaeda Threatens New Attacks In Europe

ABC reports just now that Al Qaeda's Abu Hafes Al Masri Brigades, which claimed responsibility for the March 11 Attacks in Madrid, threatens new attacks if Europe does not take up Osama Bin Laden's truce offer of April 2004, before July 15

."A los musulmanes que residen en Europa y que pueden emigrar a los países islámicos, que lo hagan, y quienes no puedan, que tengan cautela, y que se aprovisionen de alimentos y dinero suficiente para un mes o más", agrega la nota hecha pública hoy.

También exhorta a los musulmanes en Europa a que dispongan de algo con lo que poder defenderse, rezar más a Dios y pedir su asistencia. Por su parte, el director del centro integrista islámico "Al Meqrizi", con sede en Londres, Hany al Sobai, manifestó al diario árabe internacional "Al Hayat", su temor de que suceda algo en Europa al expirar el plazo de Bin Laden.

To the muslims living in Europe, who can emigrate to islamic lands, should do so, and those who cannot, should be on guard, and should stock food and money enough for a month or more", continues the note published today.

It also exhorts to muslims living in Europe to aquire some means of defense, to pray more to God and ask for His assistance. For his part, the director of the fundamentalist islamic center "Al Meqrizi" with its seat in London, Hany al Sobai, stated in the international Arab daily "Al Hayat" his fear that something would happen in Europe at the expiring of Bin Laden's offer.
The BBC has another report in English. It quotes a German government spokesman:
The German government reacted by saying it did not consider the threat particularly credible.

"This is a sinister organisation which has already laid claim to many things, including power failures in America," Reuters news agency quoted an interior ministry spokesman as saying.

"That means that these statements should be taken with great caution and are probably not particularly credible."
True to European form, we are hoping terrorism away, instead of fighting it. Like said, the Abu Hafes Al Masri Brigades also claimed the Madrid attacks. It doesn't matter whether they themselves did it or not, what matters is that the EU is again downplaying the threat, to accommodate France and Germany's posturing in the greater War on Terror.

Needless to say of course, is that Spain's decision to send more troops to Afghanistan, and Spain's reaction to the March 11 attacks, make it an ideal target.

UPDATE: La Vanguardia is referring to the Abu Hafes Al Masri Brigades as the "military wing of Al Qaeda". What, Al Qaeda suddenly also has a political wing now? Or maybe we should look at them more like Hamas, who also care for the elderly? If they're trying to somehow bring Al Qeada into the circle of 'armed groups' which whom you can negotiate, than that's too sick for words.