Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Abu Hafes Al-Masri Threatens To Target Yemen

The Abu Hafes Al-Masri Brigades, linked to Al Qaeda and famous for claiming the March 11 Madrid attacks and recently renewing their threat to Europe to attack again if Al Qaeda isn't taken up on their truce offer, has threatened Yemen to open what they refer to as a 'third front' in their war against the Americans, so reports Arabic

Groups of Abu Hafs al-Masri, which is close to al-Qaida organization, said yesterday in a statement on a web site for it on the Internet of converting Yemen to a " third front" in the war against the Americans in the world after Iraq and Afghanistan.

The statement of Abu Hafs groups which falls in ten pages and came under the title " road map for the Mujahadeen " set the objective of the organization in the coming phase of " expanding the cycle of conflict with the US through launching operations in various parts of the world." He added " we will bring the US into a third front after Iraq and Afghanistan, Let it be Yemen. Inshallah."

The statement explained that " Abu Ali al-Harithi " organization which is active in Yemen takes this name after the name of the leader of al-Qaida organization in Yemen who was killed by the American forces together with five men in November 2003. The Yemeni authorities suspects al-Harithi involvement in blowing up the American warship "USS Cole" in 2000 which resulted in killing 16 American soldiers. The statement came at a time when Sanaa is preparing to try certain persons suspected in the attack during this week.
Today, the trial of six suspects in the bombing of the USS Cole kicked off in Yemen, almost four years after the incident.

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