Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Spanish Troops Will Not Return To Iraq - Ever

Spanish press agency EFE is reporting that Spain's troops will not, whatever the umbrella, return to Iraq. Responding to reporters' questions on Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's and US president Bush's proposal to deploy NATO troops in support of the U.N. Security Council resolution 1546 placing's Iraq's security needs under U.S. control, foreign minister Moratinos had this to say:

Moratinos fue preguntado por la propuesta italiana para que la OTAN asuma un papel preponderante en Irak, idea que el ministro consideró que sería "un error" porque "la mejor manera" de acelerar el proceso de normalización del país es que las fuerzas extranjeras "salgan cuanto antes".

Moratinos was asked about the Italian proposal under which NATO would assume a leading role in Iraq, an idea which the minister considered to be "an error" because "the best way" to accelarate the process of normalization of the country would be that the foreign forces "would leave as soon as possible".

So, a country which suffers from daily insurgent attacks by remnants of the old regime, mixed with a presence of Iran-backed fighters, Mad Mullah Al-Sadr's militia, Al-Qaeda's terrorists, Al-Zarqawi's terrorists and then some with guns and RPGs, is best left to its own devices (which it has very little still)?

And to think that even Iraq's new interim foreign minister Hoshyar Zebari asked only six days ago for an open-ended committment from the coalition, for at least 160,000 troops to stay and keep the peace.

No, Moratinos knows what's good for the Iraqis.