Monday, June 07, 2004

Richard Clarke In Madrid

It must be like stealing candy from a baby, Richard Clarke's European Book Tour. In today's ABC online edition, Clarke reiterates all the silly -contradictory- stuff he said before in the States. With the notable exception that here, people generally believe him.

I mean, for most of us this is old stuff. For the Spaniards visiting, take a look here, and here. What is interesting though, is that the interview seems to forget all about Clarke's role prior to 9/11, and focuses on every turn on Iraq. Almost like desperately seeking some honor in its retreat after the Socialists caved in to Al Qaeda's demands to pull out of Iraq (and perhaps circle-reasoning it into the right thing to do with regards to the terrorist attacks of March 11). The article ends:

Clarke cree que su política en Irak y su fracaso para contener el terrorismo podría volverse en contra de Bush, sobre todo tras los informes que próximamente se presentarán en las dos Cámaras del Congreso, elaborados por legisladores demócratas y republicanos, sobre las armas de destrucción masiva en el país árabe. En todo caso, considera que el principal cambio que ha vivido el país en los últimos meses es que ya se puede criticar al presidente por su política exterior sin riesgo a ser tildado de "antipatriota".

Clarke Believes that his [Bush's -V-man] policies in Iraq and his failure to contain terrorism could backfire on Bush, specifically because of the reports that will soon be presented in both chambers of Congress, made by both democrats and republicans, about the weapons of mass destruction in the Arab country [Iraq -V-man]. In any case, Clarke thinks that the first change the country has seen in the last months, has been that now it is possible to criticize the President on his foreign policy without the risk of being called "anti patriotic".
If you ask me, this refers to the 9/11 Commission, rather than a combined House commission on the search for WMDs in Iraq. Oh and the 'anti patriotic' comment? I'm not even going to dignify that, we all know who Dick Clarke is.