Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Moratinos: Spain Brought End Of Iraqi Occupation

This new government is getting wackier by the minute. El Mundo is reporting that Spain's Foreign Minister, Miguel Ángel Moratinos (Formerly the EU's Middle East envoy, Yasser Arafat's biggest buddy in Europe) today assured that "Spain's decision to pull out its troops out of Iraq was the detonator (his words, how, sick?) which has now brought us to the end of the occupation."

So that's the story now? Hm, let me see. The CPA always intended to hand over to an interim government before June 30, as repeated on numerous occasions by President Bush? As referred to by Al-Zarqawi in his quest for civil war? Not according to Moratinos:

El ministro insistió en que la posición española ha sido "un instrumento para volver al multilateralismo"

The minister insisted that the Spanish position has been "an instrument for the return to multilateralism"

The article goes on to say that Moratinos affirmed that his government is committed to the future of Iraq, who it sees as essential to the region's stability and security, with interests to the Iraqis, the Middle East and Europe.

Well, it seems they've managed to paint themselves into yet another corner here. Didn't Zapatero previously say that Spain's troops would remain in Iraq if supported by a UN Security Council resolution? To reverse himself two weeks after winning the elections into pulling out without waiting? And now to explain its pull out as the catalyst resulting in this UN resolution?

And meanwhile they stay committed to the Iraqis' safety. Must be some pretty good binoculars and scopes they have with the infantry here...