Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Awarding Retreat

Ok, this is an outrage. Not only is it a kick in the shins to all service men and women of the Spanish armed forces to give the country's highest military order (the Gran Cruz al Mérito Militar) to a civilian, but it's like sooo communist for a president of a government to bestow military honors on a member of his own government, for executing his own policies.

And then the kicker: He was awarded the order by Zapatero for his services (this is one month after the guy's in office!) and... the speedy retreat of the Spanish forces from Iraq!

Ouch. No wonder the public outrage that followed made defense minister José Bono decide to not accept the order, after assuring that this did not in any way mean that the retreat from Iraq wasn't honorable.

Scary amateurism.