Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Algeria Kills GSPC Leader

Middle East Online reports that Algeria's armed forces succeeded in killing Nabil Sahrawi, leader of Al Qaeda linked Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat.

Nabil Sahrawi was reportedly shot dead along with four other GSPC leaders including one of his deputies, Abi Abdelaziz, alias Okacha El-Para, in the mountainous Bejaia area east of the capital Algiers on Friday.

The shooting took place near the village of El Kseur, where the army has been carrying out raids after 12 troops died in an ambush there early this month, television quoted an armed forces statement as saying.

The official news agency APS is quoted as saying that the GSPC leadership now has been "completely neutralised".

Let's hope this is true, although experience tells us that to eradicate GSPC for good, it's funding along with its current leadership need to be halted, too. We recall a hefty ransom paid by the German government last year?